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​Kotokuen garden building

At Kotokuen, we have a meeting with our customers
We will propose the garden construction of the customer's image by utilizing the experience knowledge and technology of the craftsman.


I, the president, also do everything from design to design

I often get involved, but

Even in the same garden, each person has their own personality

It is the fun of this work that comes out.

While making time with all the landscaping craftsmen

Sometimes I use the company yard,

While conducting study sessions and technical guidance

Everyone will make their own work.

Hone your senses, hone your craftsmanship, and build your garden

We are working on it.

​There are various shapes even if it is called a garden.


Broadly speaking, there are Japanese-style gardens and Western-style gardens.

If you divide it into small pieces, you can see a strolling garden, a tsubo-niwa, an indoor garden, a veranda garden, a tea garden, and a flower bed.

There are various shapes such as small ones, large ones, narrow ones, wide ones, and things to enjoy watching.

Recently, architecture has become westernized, and Western-style gardens have become popular.

There are more gardening and kitchen gardens that you can touch and enjoy.


​Construction example

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