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Please contact us by phone or email.

We will visit the garden once the schedule is decided.

We will listen to your wishes and opinions and measure the site area and the amount of materials.

We will make a proposal with drawings, etc., and we will send you a quotation by mail or fax.

We will consider it by the customer and decide the schedule after requesting the order.

(Depending on the content and amount of money, we may dodge a simple contract.

** Estimate is free, computer graphic drawing is also free **

Estimates and prices for garden care

・・How to order・・


① Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

② Depending on the construction content, we will visit the construction site in advance.

③ We will send you a quotation (free of charge) by e-mail or fax.

④ We will decide the construction schedule when the order is confirmed.

 (A contract may be created depending on the order amount)

​Service contents 

1. Japanese-style garden gardening

・ Tree and plant planting and gardening, Japanese small garden(Tsubo-niwa)gardening,

・ Garden construction using tiny purifying basin(Tsukubai), lanterns, garden stones and stone walls

・ Commemorative tree, The new year’s decorative pine(Kadomatsu)

・ Design / Construction / Management

 2. Western-style garden gardening

・ Western-style planting ・ Western-style exterior and garden construction

・ Design / Construction / Management

 3. Special garden (on the stage of the theater) / garden in the office

・ Space design and construction on rooftops, balconies, and offices

・ Gardening on the stage of the concert venue

4. Construction in the outer groove (exteria) / parking lot

・ Gates other than the garden, outer fences, paving stones, garden lights, garages, and wooden decks

・ Design and construction

5. Garden care and management

・ Garden remodeling (re-garden),

・ Seasonal care

6. Purchase / disposal of garden materials that are no longer needed

Landscaping design, construction quotes and prices

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