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"Garden of true grass"

"True" "Line" "Grass"
Originally it started with calligraphy and was incorporated into flower arrangement, tea ceremony and, of course, landscaping.
It is a way of thinking that is beautiful in Japanese culture.
This time, I used the garden road called Nodan.

"True" ・ Straight and high-quality style using square cut stones.

"Line" -A slightly loose style using both ashlar and natural stone.

"Grass" -A simple style composed of curves using only natural stones.

This time, we constructed a step that changes while heading to the entrance.
I think it can be compared to the way people live and work.
Polish the foundation of "true", take in your own personality with true as the core, and complete your own world "grass" through "line"

Isn't this common to music and paintings called art? Nothing will succeed unless you learn "true" firmly.

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