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One tree and one stone


One tree and one stone is the ultimate garden without all the decorations that form the garden.In gardening, there is something called a "Yakuboku" that gives a role to the trees to be


There are many forms of role trees, and the most important of these is ”Shoshinboku”.

”Shoshinboku" becomes the center of the garden. Match the scenic trees to make it even more tasteful.

The role of ”Keiyouboku" is a contrast.If the ”Shoshinboku" is a broad-leaved tree, the coniferous tree is used as “Keiyouboku”  to supplement the scenery.

In addition, the trees planted around the main gate, stone lanterns, chozubachi, tea gardens, bridges, waterfalls, etc. have a role.

A garden is a combination of many of these materials.

The design of one tree and one stone, which is made of extremely simple materials, reveals the true appearance hidden in a single tree.

This is the rediscovery of beauty created by a simple design. combination of these multiple decorations.


​One tree and one stone in a pot


We recommend this series(One tree and One stone)to customers who have the following problems regarding gardening.

・ There is not enough space for the garden.

・ A tree is installed at the entrance as a symbol of the store.

・ Install trees at the entrance of the condominium

You can choose the size (large, medium, small) according to the space.

​How to order

1. Select wood, stones, and pots by referring to the image at the bottom of the page.

2. If you want an option, select from the option column

3. After selecting the product, please order by phone or email (dedicated email form below).

4. After completing the order, we will contact you and decide the construction date and time.

​Combination example


Tree Daisugi

Stone ink stone

Japanese style bowl


Tree Kousa dogwood

Stone granite

Pot Western style







・ Fences

(¥70,000 〜)

・ Installation of lanterns       (¥35,000〜)

・ Small garden-One tree and     One stone


・ Additional flowerbed         (¥45,000〜)


・Large size      ¥200,000-   (excluding tax)

・Medium size ¥100,000-  (excluding tax)

​ ・Small size  ¥ 90,000-  (excluding tax)

・※ The price does not include tax.

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